Members Area

If you have a G-Gmail or Google Account and sent it to Cleve Cornelius and granted access to the Private SVDP website click the following  "Login For Members Area" link to that web page.

If you are unable to login or do not have a Google ID  proceed  below.

To Access the SVDP Harrison, Ohio Members Area you need a Google account.  

Note:  If you need help with any of the following please contact Cleve Cornelius at 513-659-6314.

Option 1 – You already have a Google account.

Please send an email to with your Google login ID.

Note: If you use G-Mail then the login ID you use is your Google account ID.   You can also have a Google ID without using G-Mail but use other Google services.    If you have forgotten that ID or password please use the following link to reset your password.

To reset your password click here

Option 2 – You need a Google Account created.

Note:  You can create a Google Account without using G-Mail.   

Click here to create a Google (non-gmail) account

Click the above link to create a Google account and fill in details requested.

When asked for an email account then enter your existing or preferred email.   

Google will send a confirmation to your preferred email account to verify your account.   

You must click on the link in the Google email to verify the account or the new ID will not function.

Send an email to with the new Google account ID you have created and verified.

Once the ID is given the rights needed to access the team area you will get an email verifying you can now access it.

Login to the Google Account:

To login into Google click below.


Use your preferred email and password from the account setup.

You will know that you are signed in when you see your email at the top of the Google Home Page.

 Once you are logged into Google you can then access the SVDP Harrison, Ohio Member area.

If you have sent your Google ID to Cleve Cornelius and he has added it to access the Member area please follow the link below.  If you get any errors messages please contact Cleve Cornelius at 513-659-6314 for assistance.